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Yahoo Group for Bootstrap Music Members


2007 Events

  1. Jan 22, Viewing of Before the Music Dies with filmmaker, Andrew Shapter.
  2. February: Talk by Terrany Johnson on Bootstrapping your Music Business.


ShowBefore the Music Dies to the Bootstrap Music Group to get up to speed on what's going on with the music industry. Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu feature prominently and have become bootstrappers.

  1. Educate ourselves about the "bootstrap" path available, which does not involve getting a deal with major labels, but rather taking charge of our own destinies, much the way Ani di Franco, Peter Gabriel, Russell Simmons and other very successful bootstrap musicians have done. This is analogous in the world of tech, to not seeking venture funding for tech companies.
  2. Enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of artists or those interested in the music industry in order to generate new ideas and business models that could potentially deeply change the music business.
  3. Gather the Austin music community together to help each other, share learnings, solve problems and provide resources, in the same way that members of Bootstrap Austin do.
  4. Bring together the music community through an ongoing live event where we create jam sessions which could turn into new and interesting music genres, bands and other collaborations. Austin is a perfect place to bring about new genres with the diversity of musical talent we have here.
  5. Facilitate cross-pollination among the music, tech, film and other subgroups that we've created at Bootstrap Austin.

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