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Book Club Yahoo Group



To discuss bootstrap-related books amongst ourselves and with the authors and share the learning with Bootstrappers everywhere.

Next Book TBA at 7:00 p.m The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations Ori Brafman, Rod Beckstrom


Bootstrap Library on Stuffopolis (join the bookclub with the code "bootstrap")

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Book Club meets every 6 weeks or so and invitations are sent to the all bootstrap members via eVite. We precede the events with discussions and review of a book on the private Bootstrap Library group on Stuffopolis. All BookClub discussions are podcasted on the Boot Rap.

History Saturday, January 14 Hoover's Vision Thursday, March 30 Go It Alone (podcast) Thursday, May 11 The Human Fabric Wednesday, July 19 Losing My Virginity Thursday, September 14 The Long Tail Thursday, November 30 The Hero With A Thousand Faces