Bootstrap's Open Source Model

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As members of the Bootstrap Organization we work jointly to create an environment whereby members of the organization can interact with the community and in turn build their businesses using community experience in the context of bootstrap principles.

We aim to create an open source community for bootstrap entrepreneurs. At the heart of this community lies a repository – a set of tools and shared experiences that allows fellow bootstrappers to learn from the community, build their own business systems, and ultimately focus on innovation within their own enterprise in a manner more powerful than any one member could accomplish by him/herself.

Members, owners of bootstrapped businesses, have limitless access to the ‘Bootstrap Repository’. Members have the ability to find, synthesize, and then incorporate aspects of the ‘Bootstrap Repository’ into their own business systems.

Contributors, either members or third parties, can easily organize, extend, improve and communicate the contents of the ‘Bootstrap Repository’.

Moderation, the control of member usage of and contribution to the ‘Bootstrap Repository’, is implemented through the community as a course of use and contribution.

(Insert picture usage/contribution/moderation checks and balances)

Bootstrap's Open Source Model

Open-Source Process

What is bootstrapping?

- Bootstrap principles Defined (written in stone, only amendable by …)
- Benefits of bootstrapping
- What it means to be a bootstrap business

Repository Defined

- Map of all tools in group
- What each tool provides
- How each tool relates to improving business systems

Business Models

- Ideation/VoD/Growth Overview
- Define business in terms of systems/code


Member use and benefit from community

- Using Repository tools to improve business systems
- links to examples

Contribution to the community

- How to contribute – creating new tools within repository
- How to contribute – adding/editing existing tools in repository
- How to ensure quality

Moderation of the community

- Members give feedback on the relevance of the contents of the repository with regards to usage in their business and adherence to bootstrap principles.
- Contributors add to the contents of the repository in accordance with bootstrap principles.