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Bootstrap homeless is about identifying entrepreneurs who are either homeless or working poor and helping them develop this gifts and develop their skill and acquire new ones.

To provide a network for them to connect to each other as well as local business folks and community leaders. This will also help them get their goods and services to market.


  1. Bootstrap Bootcamp
  2. Monthly meeting with pre-qualified homeless bootstrappers
  3. Other...

Detailed Description

The Bootstrap Homeless initiative is part of an overarching vision to provide supportive housing, entrepreneurial development and networking amongst the homeless, working poor, nonprofit, faith communities and the Austin marketplace to work in mutually beneficial ways.

It's is about working with the homeless and working poor to discover their potential and rise above their current status by harnessing the power of capitalism to create solutions to social problems.

The basic premise behind this that one the best "MBA" programs or entrepreneurial training out there. Tapping into this great resource to create an organic, vibrant and dynamic network where these folks are given a chance to create a better life for them selves and their community.

Examples of Successful Homeless Businesses

  1. Taking out the trash from downtown bars
  2. House painting
  3. Back office work
  4. Flyer distribution


The homeless are downtown and have a lot of interaction with bars there like Halcyon, Red Fez, etc. Can we engage these communities in this process as potential customers? Read about Homeless Bootstrapper Ohio.