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A Contributor is a Bootstrapper who has come to understand the organization, has identified a generalized need of some subset of Bootstrappers, and is willing to contribute to the organization in order to provide some resource that fulfills this need.


  • Has been an Active Participant of the community for 3 months or more
  • Has completed the registration process for Contribution and, if necessary, new initiative creation
  • Typical Participation: Creation and/or management of a subgroup formed by Industry, by Venture Stage, or by Topic

How Does it Work?

  1. Contributor-to-be thinks up an idea or feels they can solve an expressed community need with their product/service
  2. Gets in touch with the appropriate lead
  3. Together they discuss, negotiate and agree on a particular outcome and the time it will take to produce the outcome (use ET system to document as client/performer)
  4. After the outcome, the participants are charged in Boot Karma by the Lead. Participants can agree to the debit; if they choose to pay a different amount or 0, they can do so, but have to provide a reason
  5. Once the outcome is completed, the Contributor charges the agreed (or modified) Boot Karma to Bootstrap Central.
  6. Transaction is approved by the Lead

Community Systems

  • Enterprise Teaming - commitments are negotiated and managed through the ET System (provided by bootstrapper Kevin Koym)
  • Boot Karma - earns Boot Karma for time put into creating an initiative. Time is negotiated with the lead who manages the initiative. Members who participate in an intiative are charged in BK; payments are made to Bootstrap Central.