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This is part of the Bootstrap Branding Initiative.

Active Participants and Contributors in Bootstrap are eligible to be featured on the right column of the Bootstrap Network site. To be featured, please:

  1. Create a public profile on the Bootstrap Small World Labs site. Do so by editing your profile and clicking on the "privacy" tab. Scroll to the bottom and check "Show Profile" and complete the URL by adding your name. For example, Bijoy's profile is http://commmunity.bootstrapnetwork.com/bijoy Note: you might want to remove your phone number in the "Info" section so that the world doesn't come calling!
  2. Add your name to the list below and include your public Small World Labs URL.

I want to be featured on the Bootstrap Network Site

  1. Marcy Hoen
  2. Martin Montero
  3. Danny Gutknecht
  4. Steven List
  5. Mason Arnold
  6. add your name/link
  7. add your name/link
  8. add your name/link
  9. add your name/link