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If you would like to lead up a subgroup on a particular topic as your service to Bootstrap, please contact Bijoy. Ideally, subgroups have 2 (3 max) coleads with a nice MRE balance! Usually, it will start with one person wanting to step up and then evolve from there. If you're the initial lead for a subgroup, we can work together to find a colead. Having a colead is not a requirement, but highly recommended so you can get "Power of 2," lighten the load, etc.


One of the coleads will become the online administrator for the group. Bijoy will create a wiki page, an email address, a yahoo group and Evite account. Here's how you use these online tools:

  1. [Wiki page: communicate information about the leads, mission, needs and any other internal operation of your group. See the Music subgroup for an example.
  2. Email address forward to the appropriate person and can be used when people want to communicate with you
  3. Yahoo group is used for group discussion and communication of events. We are experimenting with Small World Labs group functionality, and some new groups will be hosted there on a case-by-case
  4. Evite account will be used for events. Copy and paste email list from the yahoo group (by going to "Members" and clicking on "Download"