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Community Goals

Defines the role of the 'Bootstrap Repository', the desired role/experience of members, the desired role of the contributors, and the desired implementation of the moderation function. These goals define the required function of the organization and ultimately are responsible for the design of the Bootstrap Repository.


Sets forth the principles of Bootstrapping as interpretted by the organization

Repository Architecture

This will be the overview of all the tools and shared experiences we have available - ie, yahoo group, wiki, breakouts, bootboard, etc. By definition this will change every time a new service is added or updated.


All community interaction and rules should be directly related to the structure of the repository. These will be as dynamic as the repository itself.

Design and Change

Bootstrap Committee

Role: The Bootstrap committee will define both the goals of the community, as well as the interpretation of bootstrapping principles as they relate to the design of the community. The Bootstrap community will also monitor the implementation efforts of other committees for compliance to these goals and principles.

Members: Invited by committee, nominated/elected by committee/community. (actual rules to be defined by committee)

Meeting Frequency/Purpose: The group will meet initially to outline a charter. The committee may only need to meet 1-2 times per year to review the community goals and bootstrapping principles as relevant to the community. The committee will also review the status of the community, their compliance to these goals and principles, and any changes required (this would be required in the case that the scope of the change is beyond community self-moderation).

Repository Committee

Role: The Repository Committee will define the types of knoweldge and tools that can be found within the Bootstrap Group. They will actively work to architect these groups so that they meet the goals laid forth by the Bootstrap Committee.

Members: Volunteers heading up bootstrap initiatives, a representive from Bootstrap Committee, and a couple nominated/elected members.

Meeting Frequency/Purpose: The group will meet initially to map out current bootstrap activity (Boot Boards, Boot Rap, Book Club, Sub Groups, the wiki, Bootstrap Student, etc), and then suggest changes and actions in accordance with the community goals. This committee will also be responsible for the review of Business models used within the group as they relate to the community. From there the committee should meet roughly every 1-2 months to review the status of the 'Repository'.

Community Committee

Role: To implement initiatives within the Bootstrap community. May include the forming of sub-committees to implement specific initiatives. These initiatives do not have to be initiated by the Repository Committee, but they can be moderated by either the Repository Committee or the Bootstrap Committee.

Members: Volunteers heading up bootstrap initiatives, a representative or two from Repository committee, nomitated/elected members.

Meeting Frequency/Purpose: The group, and sub-groups will meet as often as required to implement initiatives. The committee is responsible for acquiring resources, and executing process as it relates to implementing initiatives.