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[http://community.bootstrapnetwork.com/dflowers Damon Flowers], damon AT dwellgo.com
[http://community.bootstrapnetwork.com/dflowers Damon Flowers], damon AT [http://www.dwellgo.com Dwellgo]

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Yahoo Group


Damon Flowers, damon AT Dwellgo


For Bootstrappers building business in and around the Real Estate industry.


The purpose of RE bootstrap is for entrepreneurial folks to gather, share, support, and drive innovation in our everyday businesses in and around Real Estate. We're open to all folks who share a passion for RE, but realize that we welcome and promote out of the box thinking and powered innovation. This is not a gathering intended for business card swapping or pure networking. We strive to create an environment that fills the entrepreneur up so he/she can go back out into the world to run their business and drive success.


All meetings are held at

Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Boomerang Pies (Patio) at 31 1/2 st & Guadalupe (View Map)


  • Jan 9 - Topic TBD
  • Feb 13
  • Mar 12
  • Apr 9
  • May 14
  • Jun 11


  • Oct 17 - First meeting - brainstorm vision and establish group purpose
  • Dec 12 - We'll demo a next generation community called Dwellgo. Dwellgo is an open real estate marketplace...where property owners and buyers meet through an exclusive matching system and then are enabled to privately communicate.


  • Urban Austin - website of urban projects in Austin
  • City of Austin Economic Development - contacts at CoA for various Real Estate development projects including Robert Mueller Airport, Seaholm Power Plant, City Hall, 2nd St, Art in Public Spaces, AMLI Downtown