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  • Principle: Know that you are totally unique. Discover and deepen your passions and talents.
  • Birth: the Bootstrapper
  • Action: AWAKEN

This phase is the development of the individual as they work on their passions and talents. It starts at birth and goes on for many years, usually through childhood and schooling. It is a time of preparation that culminates in an awakening when the individual comes to know that they are totally unique in the world.

  1. Talents are the internal capabilities of the individual, the discovery of their Core Type - Maven, Relater, Evangelist.
  2. Passions are those things that the individual is interested in outside themselves - such as computers, food, art, etc.

Awakening can happen through a variety of factors including supportive parents and environment; indeed it is many times an unsupportive environment that spurs the individual.