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BootBoards were launched at the 4/10/2006 bootstrap meeting (slides in .pdf) after extensive research by Stan Tyler, Michelle Ewalt and David Swedlow. They continue to be the most effective action-creating and accountability mechanism for bootstrap members to make tangible progress in their ventures.

What are Boot Boards?

Bootstrappers interested in getting in-depth feedback and support from their fellow bootstrappers can form a Boot Board. Boards consist of 5-7 bootstrappers and are organized by stage of business. The goal of the board is to help the members move from their current stage to the next. The board requires a commitment of for 2-4 hours once a month for a year. Boards are formed by contacting the appropriate stage-based Subgroup lead:

  • IDEATION: David Nelson - servicewizard -AT- yahoo -DOT- com
  • VOD: Laurie Loew - laurie -AT- giverealty -DOT- com
  • GROWTH: Anthony Chen - anthony.chen -AT- seilevel -DOT- com
  • REBOOTSTRAP: Steve Golab - steve.golab - AT - fg2 - DOT - com

Current Boot Boards

Board Facilitators

Members of bootstrap may decide to become Contributor by facilitating a board. Please see the Boot Board Facilitator for more information on how this works. If you are interested in facilitating a board, please contact the appropriate subgroup lead.

Past Leads and Facilitators



  • Nancy Schill, 2008/09
  • Stan Tyler, founding member of Boot Board Initiative (Jan 2006 - Dec 2007)
  • Jeff Hotz - VoD1, Jan 2007 to Dec 2007