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Discussion Group


Nancy Schill


Build and strengthen the internal Bootstrap Community. Through increasing our number and strength of connections, we will weave the fabric of relationships between Bootstrappers and deepen our level of Relater energy in the Bootstrap community.


Please join us at the next Bootstrap meeting on October 9th at Tambaleo, as we announce this new initiative! At this meeting Steve will be guiding up through the 8 Min. Ripple, which will be a great start to enhancing our connections with each other.

Related Initiatives

Bootstrap Network Bootstrap Relater


We are considering the following:

  1. Coordinating Bootstrap parties
  2. Adding a "connection" piece to our monthly meetings
  3. Using the Social Network Calendar so we can click directly to profiles
  4. Documenting and reinforcing attendance at monthly meetings
  5. Periodic monthly meetings that are Connection-focused (as opposed to speaker/content)
  6. Creating a Connector survey
  7. Adhoc gatherings of a cross-section of bootstrappers across stage/industry


We are looking for strong Relaters who would like to help lead this new and exciting branch of Bootstrap. We're also looking for other ideas and suggestions. If the activities listed above sound thrilling to you and you think this is something you might like to do, please email Nancy directly at