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Chad Jewell


This group will help bootstrappers develop their negotiation skills.



You are invited to attend a 2 hour executive workshop on Zero Resistance Negotiating. I really hope you will attend.

The workshop is a facilitated exploration of the negotiation process and each person will be encouraged to share personal experiences, challenges and stories as we apply the Zero Resistance Negotiating (ZRN) method to your business and life. The format includes a class size which is limited to 6 participants per session. This intimate setting is designed to promote maximum participation and shall provide a unique opportunity to connect with other bootstrappers during the course.

About Zero Resistance Negotiation

ZRN and the ACTIVE negotiation model have been developed out of a decade of experience as a professional negotiator in commercial real estate transactions, as well as several years of personal study, writing, and exploration. The resulting workshop will provide a unique look at the negotiation process and will elevate your negotiation awareness, execution and results to the next level. You have been “winging it” for far too long!

3 Things You Will Learn:

  1. How Zero Resistance Negotiators build superior agreements and relationships.
  2. A powerful negotiation model simple enough to carry around in your head for easy recall.
  3. How to map out a negotiation strategy on the back of a napkin in 5 minutes or less.

  • Time: 4:30 - 6:30 PM
  • Dates: Tuesday 8/7/07, more dates to be scheduled
  • Location: Conference Room @ Austin Office Space, Inc.
  • Address: 3415 Greystone Dr. #102
  • Class Size: Limited to 6 participants per session
  • Price: BootKarma - *Negotiable…of course!


  1. Participant Introductions / Networking
  2. Zero Resistance Negotiating
  3. ACTIVE negotiation model
  4. "Registration Negotiation" – Debrief
  5. Q & A
  6. End / Optional discussion for participant specific negotiation issues afterwards

It only seems fitting that you should negotiate your way into a negotiation course. Well, here’s your chance to stretch out your negotiation muscles and warm-up for the session. Your "registration negotiation" can be conducted over the phone and should last 5-10 minutes. We will explore how value is created as we work towards an agreement — this is a critical and essential part of the workshop. Your active participation in this process will greatly enhance the value you receive. Plus, it will be fun...I promise.

E-mail Chad: cjewell AT AustinOfficeSpace DOT com to claim your seat.