Entrepreneurial Myths

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These enrepreneurial myths create false barriers to entry into the world of entreperneurship. Propagated (somtimes unwittingly) by venture capitalists, business schools, the media and other sources, they ultimately do a great disservice to society by preventing potential entrepreneurs from starting businesses.

  1. Investor Capital - I need money to build my product and team
  2. Business Plan - if I write a good business plan my business will work
  3. Big Idea - I need a big idea to start my business
  4. Lone Hero - I have to build my business by myself
  5. Meaning precedes action - I need to have it all figured out before I can take the first step
  6. Business School - I have to get a business degree to be an entrepreneur
  7. Bootstrapping is for small companies - if I bootstrap, I wont create a big company