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Breakout Session: IP Basics and Strategy for Bootstrappers

This is now listed as a Bootstrap Austin Initiative.

There was not sufficient interest in this last year to hold the session, but I have a thick skin and am willing to offer it again.

This session is tailored for Product Managers, but should be largely applicable to entrepreneurs and Bootstrappers, covering:
- relating IP to the product manager's role (in many ways similar to an entrepreneur)
- basic needs in IP management in all high tech companies
- patent strategy considerations before - and parallel to - talking with a patent attorney

There is also a recorded webinar I did for RymaTech a while back.

If anyone has any suggestions for providing some basic information on IP for Bootstrappers, please feel free to email me or post here:

Content or Session requests for Intellectual Property: <Enter here>

--Dbjarrell (4 August 2008)