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I am currently working with my last employer, the Texas Education Agency. I manage a group responsible for the production of an annual report presenting results of SAT and ACT examinations for Texas' public school students and an annual report presenting results of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examination results for Texas' public school students.

I have a degree in human services, a degree in higher education, and a degree in statistics. I have extensive experience with conducting research, writing, SAS programming/data handling, and public speaking. I've worked primarily with or about kids since I was 15, starting with teaching swim lessons and coaching a couple of swim teams while in high school and college then working in a locked down facility with juvenile sex offenders while obtaining my first grad degree and conducting educational research and threatening to become a permanent fixture at the university while getting the last and absolutely final degree. Regardless of the environment I've never failed to find working with kids rewarding.

Since my junior year in college, my primary work oriented goal has been to develop a foundation that will help to enhance the quality of child and adolescent development by creating opportunity to learn, grow, achieve, and help others succeed. Hence the strange mix of degrees. Hopefully it will all one day make sense.

I can easily be reached via email at Please feel free to send me a note any time for any reason.