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The #ATXentScene comprises the communities, organizations and events that support entrepreneurship in Austin. Here's a twitter list and a scene map.


In addition to supporting bootstrap entrepreneurs, we are committed to stewarding this vibrant scene so entrepreneurs of all paths can find the resources and support they need to progress through all stages of the journey. We are also discovering the Austin Style of entrepreneurship, distinct from other cities. Articles by Bootstrap founder, Bijoy Goswami on the scene are featured on ABJentrepreneuer.

Bootstrap Austin and the ATX Entrepreneur Scene have been featured in BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine (twice, and a THIRD time), GigaOm, Time, ABJ Entrepreneur, Kiplinger, CNN, Inc Magazine and Intuit Small Business. You can also follow the ATXentScene Youtube Channel.


You can embed the Entrepreneur Scene Map in your blog/site. Copy the following code into an HTML box:

<iframe width="600" height="400" frameborder="0" src="" scrolling="no" style="overflow:hidden"></iframe>