Basics: adding and editing pages and links

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To add a new page/entry (they're pretty much interchangeable):

  1. You must register - there's a link at the top right of the page at that says "create an account or log in" - click it, create an account (or log in if you already have an account).
  2. Please set up YOUR page - there are no fields to fill in, just whatever you want people to know about you. For instance, here's my page: User:Athought (Steven List) and here's Kevin's User:Kkoym
  3. Once you've registered, you can create links and entries/pages.
    1. To create a new page, first you add an entry on an existing page of the form
      [ [ Steve Harper presents The 8 Minute Ripple ] ] (that's squarebracketsquarebracket with no spaces between the brackets)
      the double-brackets says "link within the Wiki"
    2. After saving this page with the reference to the new page, click on that link and it will take you to the edit page for the new page you're creating - now you can add content to that entry.
    3. To create a link to a page outside of the Wiki, it has the form
      [URL text]
      Where the URL is the URL and the text is the stuff you want to be clickable.

      The URL can be either a page address ( or an email address ( The Wiki is smart enough to recognize both. So if I wanted a link to send me email, it would look like this:
      [ Email Steven List ]

      And if I wanted a link to take you to my web site it would look like this:
      [ Visit BackOfTheRoom! ]

      Notice that the Wiki is smart enough to recognize links in this text!

Since the Wiki is, by nature, openly collaborative, you can add anything you want anywhere you want. Kevin and I will monitor the Wiki and occasionally rearrange things if necessary.

For instance, Steve Harper (who deserves credit for both taking action and figuring out HOW to work with the Wiki) created an entry on the Current Events page. I changed it to a link to another entry, and moved most of the info to the other entry. Check it out here:

Contact me if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them.

Steven List, Wiki Admin