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The Bootstrap Bootcamp is a 90min DVD and live course developed by Bijoy on the stages, actions and principles of bootstrapping. The DVD is available on YouTube (thank you Jason Howell for help with this).

Bootstrap Bootcamp is also an example of a Bootstrap Collaboration where bootstrap members work with Aviri to offer a Boot-branded product/service in the marketplace. It is sold as a standalone product and in concert with other Bootstrap Services such as Rebootstrap and Bootstrap City.


In Jan 2006 Bijoy spoke to the Austin City Council on bootstrapping. There he met Rosy Jalifi, who runs the Small Business Development Program (SBDP) for the City of Austin. Rosy suggested a 1-day workshop on bootstrapping, offered to the public. Thus the Bootstrap Bootcamp was born and was offered twice in 2006 through the SBDP. Bijoy also taught the Bootstrap Principles to 7 students at the Khabele School in the Fall of 2006 and a number of bootstrappers (Mousumi Shaw, Josh Baer, Tina Schweiger spoke to the students. In the latter part of 2006 bootstrapper Josh Shipsey helped create an online version of the course. This is now offered in collaboration with Josh's company, Communication Simulations at Bootstrap Bootcamp.

Bootstrap Collaborators

  • Joshua Shipsey, Communication Simulations - produces and hosts the online Bootcamp
  • Khotso Khabele, Khabele School - Bootcamp syllabus taught as an elective for students; offering a facilitated 1-day Bootcamp to the public in the summer of 2007

Partner Organizations



  1. Facilitators - we want to create an in-person Bootcamp experience with qualified facilitators. These will be offered first to the Bootstrap Community (for Boot Karma) and is a way to become a Bootstrap Contributor. Facilitators can also offer the in-person Bootcamp outside the Bootstrap Network.
  2. Affiliate Partners. We offer a 25% referral fee to affiliate partners. Affiliate partners from the Bootstrap Network must be Contributors to participate.


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