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Following on the pre-meeting discussion that we had together before two meetings ago, Tom Brown and I are going to have a pre-meeting before Monday evening main meeting on what we are calling "Enterprise 2.0".

Details: 5:30 pm this Monday (before main meeting) open Enterprise 2.0 Discussion "Matching un-met needs with un-used resources"

This is going to be an open discussion to discuss "what is possible" and how we, as businesses, can organize and work together as bootstrappers. The idea here is to brainstorm and discuss how is it that we can work together at a more integrated level- tha is beyond just asking each other on this list for referrals.

Thomas A. Baum

Joshua Baer

Jon Lebkowsky

From Jon:

As I mentioned to Tom last night, the sort of thing we were talking about in last night's conversation (stemming from the Enterprise 2.0 and currency discussions) was beginning to sound quite a bit like Value Networks, a concept I've been getting into since hearing Verna Allee speak about it at MeshForum last June.

Good overview at Wikipedia:

"Value networks (value webs), are the human and technical resources that work together to form relationships and add value to a product or service. Included in a company's value network are research, development, design, production, marketing, sales, and distribution. These components work interchangeably to add to the overall worth of a product or service.

"Value is created from the relationship between the company, its customers, intermediaries, complementors and suppliers (1). Two types of values that are added to a value network are tangible and intangible value exchanges..."

~ Jon