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Please contribute to this list any designers you can recommend.

Jeff Koke
Endorsement: He's done a lot of work for various startups in town such as Isochron and Voxpath.

Milkshake Media
Endorsement: They did an outstanding job designing our website. Both in concept and execution, everything was flawless. They also created the name/brand "Livestrong". They are very in-demand and they don't take all projects.

Leverage Communications / Andy Choquette

Endorsement: while he's focusing on the video stuff, Andy is also a brilliant designer. We worked together with a number of clients, and they were universally happy - nay, thrilled - with Andy's work
--Steven 07:25, 23 February 2006 (CST)

Clockwork Group / Steve Gaines
Endorsement: Steve has been a personal friend of mine for years. They recently designed our Innertee logo and have won countless design awards. They are based in San Antonio but currently looking for clients in the Austin area.