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Experience Google Group


Bijoy & Heather McKissick


For bootstrappers interested in building experience companies or integrating experiences into their existing ventures. We will discuss and develop the Bootstrap Experience Model.

What is an "experience?" An experience is the next level of value beyond a product or service. Experience design is a specific process for creating a personal and meaningful impression on your customers.

Why design experiences? Being intentional about staging your customers experience allows you to:

  • Connect with each customers unique needs,
  • Meaningfully involve them in the “production” of their own experience and
  • Create a positive flow of interaction – before, during and after their time with you.

Well-designed experiences achieve a more personalized and lasting memory of what the customer learned, did or received -- resulting in:

  • Heightened consumer loyalty
  • Greater positive word of mouth
  • Enhanced customer data leading to new insight on products/services
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency

First Meeting

Event Details

Every magic act has 3 parts: Pledge, Turn and Prestige. And most every form of theatre has three Acts. The launch of the Experience subgroup will be no different! This will be a Bootstrap meeting like no other so far, so come "experience" new content in a new venue with new friends!

Your hosts for the evening are Heather, Kert and Bijoy.

HEATHER MCKISSICK - your MC - is an org dev and communication specialist with specific expertise in leadership development.

For 18 years she has worked on multiple "stages" ...in Academia (former faculty and administration at St. Edward's), Technology (leading global change initiatives at Motorola), Healthcare (heading Org Dev for the Seton system) and Energy (managing learning and performance at LCRA)...and is now putting Austin's leadership in the spotlight in her role as CEO of Leadership Austin

Heather is highly trained and interested in experience design, and has been creating experiences for people throughout her varied career. From designing optimal learning environments for participants to training others how to inspire and unite others - connecting and engaging people as they learn, work and serve is her passion.


KERT PETERSON is a movement educator and actor who brings improvisation and movement arts to programs that help organizations and individuals to embrace change. "By discovering and learning to trust the instinctual rhythm and intelligence of our bodies", asserts Kert, "we learn the flexibility required to effectively respond by the changing needs of our markets, customers and companies."

He currently teaches qigong, the Chinese art of mastering personal energy - to help people increase the flow of energy in their businesses, relationships, and themselves: Eastside Quigong

An actor and singer, Kert has appeared in three productions of Austin's Gilbert & Sullivan society and sings lead in a world music vocal trio. In 2004, he co-wrote and performed "Guru or Disciple?" a short play for Hyde Park Theatre’s Fronterafest with Bijoy. It has since been made into a short film, Mystic Cab


BIJOY is learning all he can from Heather and Kert and is excited to be sharing the stage with them!