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The second element of the Bootstrap Map, beginning in the youPlusU stage.

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  • Ellen Friedman: ellen at ellenfriedman and Brandy Rainey Amstel: brandyrainey at gmail
  • 2008: (cofounder) Alex Cavalli


In the early part of the 21st century many are recognizing that separate disciplines and lines of human thought can no longer be kept apart. Austin is an archetypal environment where science and technology blend with the arts (music, film, theater, etc.). It is this blending that, in part, makes Austin unique.

But beyond the obvious merging of art with science and technology there is evidence that the world of business is merging with art and science and technology. And beyond this there is a definite change in thought that is beginning to merge theology and religion into these other three.

This merging of disciplines or lines of thought in some sense is illusory in that the separation of these major fields of endeavor is, in the first place, an artifact of the limitations of the human mind. That is, the fact that we've treated these as separate disciplines and separate human activities for so long is our limitation and not a true picture of how things work.

The process by which these discplines are merging is sometimes called convergence. But the truth is that there is no convergence happening because these modes of thought and activity have never been truly separate to begin with.

What this means is that our ability to think and grasp these ideas as a single whole is growing and this means that there is a journey before us. This journey, however, is not an outer one, from one place to another, either in time or space. It is, rather, an inner journey to discover this larger picture in our own thought and then to bring that larger thought to bear on the human experience. In a very real sense it is the hero's journey, a journey that shucks the baggage of human selfhood to find another way to be and to live.

This inner journey itself is a bootstrap process because it starts when we first admit that we don't know how things will turn out, but take some steps anyway that lead only to what to do next with an open willingness to learn at each step. Indeed, through our bootstrapping adventures we have the opportunity to grow and evolve internally.

Practically speaking, we can realize that business lies within this converged thought and that, therefore, creating businesses, making successful businesses, is integral to moving the journey forward.


Every second Wednesday of the Month,7-9pm. Notifications sent via the yahoo group.

  • Jul 8: Know Thyself - Discussion
  • Aug 12:Mystic Cab viewing and discussion
  • Sep 9: Creating Vision Boards
  • Oct 14: "Road of Trials" and looking inward - Guided Meditation
  • Nov 11: Creating Values


  • May 10, 2010 - Guided Meditation