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Bootstrap Interactive Logging Off: It was a good run

After speaking with a number of you and Bijoy, I have come to the conclusion that Bootstrap Interactive has served its purpose and should wind down. Bootstrap Interactive (formerly Web) helped fill a key role in Austin's entrepreneurial community for over five years. When Bootstrap Interactive first started, there were no coworking spaces, no Refresh, no TechRanch, many of the entrepreneurial technology meet ups were much smaller, no Social Media Club, SXSW was less than half the size… you get the picture.

The long and the short is we will keep the email list available for use to help answer any questions, but we will no longer have meetings. So with that your 3rd Tuesdays are now available for Social Media Club, Lean Startup Circle, etc…. Isn't Austin great!

If you're looking for still more happenings in the Austin Interactive scene check out this mind-map from ATXequation. You also may want to specifically take a look at the Interactive Marketing Association... William Leake tells me that they are on a resurgence path.

It was an honor to have served the community and I wish all of you success in your ventures.


Marcus Mateus
marcus ~at~ simplitex dot com


The Bootstrap Interactive Subgroup (formerly Web Subgroup) was a subgroup for founders of bootstrap businesses who have an interest in leveraging web & mobile technology to build their business.


Past Bootstrap Interactive meetings, including audio, images, and slides when available. We've changed the format of the meetings to be discussions rather than presentations, with possible exceptions. When we have a presentation, we'll attempt to record it and post here.


  • Nov. 15, *** CANCELED ***
  • Oct. 18, *** CANCELED ***
  • Sept. 20, LinkedIn - Do you know how to use it? , Elizabeth Quintanilla

You may be aware of all the features but do you troll or truly network? Let's have a fun and active "core conversation" about LinkedIn Best Practices!

Elizabeth is a Marketing Gunslinger, Business Detective, collaborator, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective. She founded EQ Consultants Group, LLC and consults on a variety of topics, which include web technologies and strategies, social media and business, product management and marketing.

Twitter: @equintanilla LinkedIn: profile

Cindy Royal is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University in San Marcos. She hosts a music blog and Web talk show at and a tech blog at She also writes for the magazine Texas Music and their online newsletter.

How is the Internet changing, what forces are shaping its future, and how will potential changes shape your experience of the Internet? Traditionally there have been low barriers to entry for Internet entrepreneurs - is that changing?

Jon Lebkowsky is an Internet and web pioneer who cofounded one of the first Internet companies in 1992, became an Internet expert and activist, author and blogger, and web strategist and developer. He serves on the board of advisors for SXSW Interactive. He has written for FringeWare Review, Wired Magazine, Mondo 2000, bOING bOING, 21C, the Austin Chronicle, and many other publications. More information at LinkedIn and Wikipedia.

Jon Zmikly is an Adjunct Lecturer at Texas State University, teaching Web Design and Publishing, Writing for the Mass Media, and working on the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Alumni website.

Brian Massey is the Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences and he has the lab coat to prove it. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses was developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, national speaker and writer.

Nehemiah is a community evangelist spreading the word about Austin's Cohabitat Party -- an underground SXSW party aimed to convene Austins interactive scene, showcase Austin's talented web companies, and build community that is rich with new possibility.

  • Jan 18, "Starting and Running a Software as a Service", Jason Ford Founder and CEO of FeedMagnet

Jason has been working on the Web as designer, developer, and strategist for as long as the Internet has been used for marketing. He has a passion for innovation and started FeedMagnet so that businesses and agencies don't have to re-invent the wheel every time they want to use social content online. Feed Magnet pulls together content from a variety of social and other media for businesses to gather, filter, moderate, and showcase.


  • Nov 17, "How to Give a Great Demo" - Lorin Rivers of

The process from concept to delivery, what to think about, how to go about it and how to document it so anybody who needs to can also give a demo that tells the story you want told about what it is you are showing off.

Lorin has consulted on technical marketing for the likes of Bare Bones Software and OmniGroup, including helping them develop and deliver successful demos.

Most of us have spent tremendous effort on planning, anticipating the needs of our customers, testing before release to our customers, re-thinking, re-considering and re-coding. The only thing that may seem worse is when there’s none of this. Regardless, we expect to know, in advance what’s true about our customers. What if both alternatives are wrong? What if, instead, we assume we’re ignorant and use our creativity to learn? Find out how we decide what to do next using feedback loops of continuous learning and continuous deployment and some of our results.

Come hear about how we started an online business without a website.
  • Sep 21, CANCELED - No Meeting This Month
  • Aug 17, "Web-based Business Postmortem" - Percy Wegmann, founder of Bidtective, will discuss his experience trying to start a marketplace-based business that didn't quite make it. Hindsight being 20-20, he will share what he should have known before starting the business, before picking an industry, before choosing a financing model, before setting a pricing structure and before starting to market his product. Please join us for a candid and no-holds barred post-mortem on what seemed like a great idea at the time.
  • July 20, "Interactive Sub-group Roundtable" - We will have a round-table discussion about our business challenges in the interactive space and what we as a subgroup can do to help overcome these challenges. Whether you are struggling to understand the interactive market & technology landscape, trying to get clients to see (and pay) for the value, or anything else interactive related, we want to help you grow your business.
  • June 15, CANCELED - No Meeting This Month
  • May 18, "Leveraging Location Based Services in your Business" - Todd Barnard will be presenting about creative ways to leverage increasingly ubiquitous location aware services, many of them free, to grow your business. He will be using a fellow bootstrapper's business as a case study. Todd @toddbarnard is a local "product manager" (he's not big on that job description though) with a burning passion for harnessing the power of activity streams in general and location awareness in particular.
  • Apr 20, Dawn Green founder of Thunder Data Systems, a local web development consultancy, will share her insights and experiences from nearly a decade of bootstrapping... including their relatively recent transition from strictly services to the selling of SaaS with their ThunderTix offering.
  • Mar - No Meeting in honor of SXSW
  • Feb 16, Group roundtable discussion about Austin's Interactive & Entrepreneurial scenes. Both how and where to plugin to the scenes, as well as how to leverage them to grow your business.
  • Jan 19, Steve Golab founder of FG SQUARED interactive marketing agency, will be sharing his insights and learnings from 15 years of bootstrapping.
    • Video - Big Thanks to Percy Wegmann for Recording and Uploading
    • Slides


  • December 2009, No meeting - Celebrating the Journey!
  • November 2009, Brandon Taylor from bTaylor Design will be doing a design critique of a few member websites
  • October 2009, Bijoy Goswami on "The Bootstrap Model in the Interactive Space"
    • Also, a discussion of the changing vision/scope for the subgroup
  • May 2009, Andrew Donoho on "The Interactive Mobile Web"
  • DemoCamp at 3925 W. Braker Lane (In the MCC Building) Austin, TX. Thanks to Tech Ranch Austin! No audio for this one (sorry).
  • March 2009: No meeting (we were at SXSW
  • February 2009: Tim Walker of Hoover's: "You Can Create a Customer Anywhere: What Web Businesses Can Learn from Hardware Store Owners"
  • January 2009: Dave Evans on Social Media Marketing
  • December 2008: Ash Maurya on P2Web - a new model that blurs the boundaries between the desktop and the web.
  • November 2008: Democamp III
  • October 2008: Jon Lebkowsky and Bijoy Goswami on Building Effective Communities
  • September 2008: Mike Chapman on Twitter
  • August 2008: Mark Phillip: "200s, 304s, Expires Headers, HTTP Compression, and You"
  • July 2008: Jon Lebkowsky, "How to Talk to Your Web Developer"
  • June 2008: Bryan Bilbrey on Scrum development. Sorry, no media from that event.
  • May 2008: Edward Cruz, Molecular Thinking talks about Ruby on Rails.
  • April 2008: Conjunctured featuring Dusty Reagan, John Erik Metcalf, Cesar Torres, and David Walker.
  • March 2008: Brian Massey
  • February 2008: Rob Campanell from Blastro
  • January 2008: Lynn Pausic on Usability vs Usefulness
  • October 2007: Jim Eustace on Adobe Flex
  • September 2007: Bill Leake and Bill Anderson on Findability
  • August 2007: Andrew Alleman on Domain Names
  • July 2007: Chris Justice on Joomla
  • June 2007 (postoned from May): Social Networks
  • November 2006: Tom Brown, Open ID
  • October 2006: Miles Sims and Kyle Johnson, Ecommerce
  • September 2006: Bill Leake, Search Marketing
  • August 2006: Web 2.0, part 2

Fearless Leader




The Web subgroup will

  • Discuss and understand the state and future of web technology,
  • explore the nature, character, and scope of web-based business opportunities,
  • serve as a web technology resource for the Bootstrap Network,
  • develop an understanding of current and potential web business models, and
  • facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among group members.