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Please post any details you have about mobile phones here:

Comments about specific carriers

  • Sprint
  • ATT
  • TMobile

Interested parties in managing these relationships as their Bootstrap Community Participation

Bootstrap Vendors

If you sell these services, please post your name and info here, and any deals that you can offer to bootstrappers

Charles Van Sickler, Wireless Works 1200 W Howard Lane Suite F Austin, TX 78753 (512) 748-6262 NEXTEL offers unlimited local (Texas, Louisiana) cellular for $99.99. Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance and Walkie-Talkie available for $30

Fair and Flexible Plans on both Sprint and NEXTEL starting at $29.99 with unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7 PM.

Fair and Flexible Family Plans with 2 lines sharing 800 minutes for $69.99 with unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7 PM. Sprint Family Plans include Unlimited Sprint-NEXTEL Mobile to Mobile Minutes. NEXTEL Family Plans include unlimited Nationwide Walkie-Talkie usage.

I promise to obtain all available discounting for any personal or business accounts. Multiple Corprate and State Employees are eligble for 3%-27% discounts on their rate plans.

I will come to you to activate phones as well if you need me to. Please call me at (512) 637-9797 or email me at if you have questions or need any assistance. Charles Van Sickler

Favorite High End Phones

What are your biases on cell phones?

  • Treo 600, Treo 650: (from Kevin Koym). I really enjoy all of the features of these two phones, but I am really, really disappointed in their reliability. I have had to return my 600 to Sprint 5 times before they replaced it with a Treo 650. I have had to replace the Treo 650 three times now. This is a big waste of time
  • Treo 700: (from Kevin Koym). I have heard really bad things about this new platform compared to the ease of use of the Treo 600 and Treo 650. Seems like that Palm has moved into the wrong direction with this new phone.

General Notes from people on the list

That’s exactly what we looked at doing. You will find that as a defined group that is not trying to make money from it, you will be able to negotiate lower rates. The fly in our ointment was over getting a “piece of the action”. If you commit to a certain number of phones, you will be able to get up to 20% off.

He should call the three big companies and talk to their business sales. They will be interested in seeing that you sign up for a few (5) phones that are connect to a corporate billing. However, I think you can negotiate around this.

from paul brown:

Samsung i730 phone (Windows Mobile) Paid $489 for the phone direct from Verizon

Verizon’s EVDO wireless network I get around 400kbps actual throughput testing through web browser to from a variety of places. Good coverage and the phone reception is much better than my last PDA phone (Tmobile)