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Auction Partner, Tux MacAuley

Furniture Partner: 10615 Metric

Jason: 971.0117

Ikea, Houston

The Galant and Effektiv line has been great for us. The trick is to download the Ikea space planning software, then layout your office, generate an order, and call the Houston store and ask for "Workplace Ikea," get their fax number, then fax them your order. Not everything is available, so they'll call you back and go through altneratives. You can get your order delivered via a bimonthly truck they send to Austin for about $250 for shipping. This is MUCH better than going through the Ikea website which ships from an warehouse in New Jersey and takes 6-8 weeks to deliver and is more expensive (not to mention a bunch of stuff came damaged when we ordered that way). Jeb 11:15, 1 August 2006 (CDT)