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  • Gavin Wilson - gavinlohr AT yahoo DOT com


The Bootstrap Food and Beverage Subgroup has been created for entrepreneurs in the food industry to share resources, knowledge, and experiences.

Members: There are no restrictions on membership. Bootstrapping is about being resilient and resourceful in your business development. If stretching your financing and getting the absolute most out of every dollar you spend is a goal, this is the place for you. You will find the bootstrap community to be very responsive and supportive.

Topics: Anything having to do with food industry business. From sources of financing all the way down to the best source for trash bags. If it has to do with bootstrapping food business, bring it up.

Events: The bootstrap food group will meet occasionally, independently of the main bootstrap group, to discuss issues specific to our industry. If you would like more information or want to host an event, please contact the Subgroup leadership.

( Boot Board) This is something that may be more useful with a more diverse mix of entrepreneurs involved, but it might work with an industry-specific group. The basics are that a group of business leaders get together regularly and each time one person presents their busienss case or business problem and the group tries to help. This is a great way for peopel to really get to know each other's business and each other thus providing more valuable insight. If you are interested in this, please contact the Subgroup leadership.


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