Basics 102: some nifty formatting options

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Headings: surrounding an entire line in equal signs sets a heading. One equal sign at either end is a level one heading, two is a level two, and so forth. Creating headings will also cause the page to automatically have a table of contents.

Bullet List

You can create a bullet list by starting a line with as asterisk, like the next line

  • bullet item


As noted in Basics, you create links by surrounding the text with either single brackets (external) or double-brackets (internal). You can include the "label" - the text you want to be highlighted - either by separating it from the URL with a single space or by separating it with a pipe (vertical bar) "|".


The toolbar at the top of the editing window allows you to do the following (in order matching the toolbar):

  • set text bold (text surrounded by three single quotes)
  • set text italic (text surrounded by two single quotes)
  • create an internal link - that is, a link to another Wiki entry ( list this - the link is always the entry name/title)
  • create an external link - that is, a link to a site/page outside the Wiki, like this
  • set a Level 2 Headline
  • insert an image, like this Digital-dragon-art-logo.gif
    the image must exist in the Wiki images folder. If you need help with this, contact Steven List by email or by phone at 512-246-3533
  • create a media file link (media being audio, primarily, I think - I'm still working on figuring this one out)
  • insert mathematical symbols
  • ignore Wiki formatting (for stuff like code samples or whatever)
  • insert your signature (see bottom of this entry) with timestamp
  • insert a horizontal rule like right here

--Dragon 09:57, 21 February 2006 (CST)