Valley of Death

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The Venture is in a fight for its survival and the way it will survive is to find customers - people or organizations who will pay for its product or service. Just as the founders co-created the Demo in the previous phase, so they now co-create the solution with the customer. This is a delicate dance as it will involve many changes to the Demo in order to become a viable product. In some cases, the initial Demo will be thrown away entirely. The Demo acts as a way to get the conversation going with the customer.

This is an incredibly challenging time, both for the bootstrapper and the venture. Her persistence is severely tested. This is the time when relying on fellow-bootstrappers is a very appropriate "right action" for the bootstrapper to take. Indeed, many of the needs of the venture can be met by other bootstrappers who have experienced similar challenges.

If possible, some Bootstrappers will find customers while still in the Ideation Phase.

Here again, there is a temptation to seek investor capital. However, the Bootstrapper knows that this will shift focus away from the critical dialog with the key dance partner, the customer.


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