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This is a Bootstrap Service offered by the Bootstrap Network to large companies. URL:

NOTE: definitions of terms used can be found on the Bootstrap Terms page and there are also direct links in the text below.


As organizations evolve through the stages of Ideation, Valley of Death and Growth, they move into a sustained period where optimization and improvement of the discoveries from the first VoD occur.

There comes a time, however, when large organizations need to rebootstrap themselves, i.e. tap into bootstrapping as an innovation process to develop entirely new offerings. These organizations have bootstrapping in their DNA and it is a matter of reminding them, bringing bootstrapping to the surface and systematizing it by tapping into the people, knowledge and resources of the organization.

Many companies have embarked on ad hoc rebootstrapping efforts in the past. Often, these initiatives have been covert and unsanctioned, including examples such as the Post-It Note at 3M, Frappuccino at Starbucks. The term for unsanctioned rebootstrapping is bootlegging. The Deskjet Printer at HP is an example of sanctioned rebootstrapping. Virgin, Apple and Cerner are examples of systematic rebootstrappers, constantly developing new products and services and taking them through the three stages of development.

Based on the lessons learned from ad hoc rebootstrap efforts, organizing the Bootstrap Network and working with entrepreneurs, we offer a comprehensive Rebootstrap Program. This program aids large organizations in systematic rebootstrapping, tapping into the latent innovation capabilities of the organization.

Elements of a Rebootstrap Program

NOTE: Every Rebootstrap Initiative is also bootstrapped. It starts slowly and carefully and is co-developed with our customer. Often an organization will have existing innovation programs underway. Sometimes these initiatives are Maven-skewed with a heavy focus on Ideation, too focused on existing customers or follow a centralized, investor-oriented model. In these situations, specific bootstrap-oriented interventions can be designed and applied.

  1. Educate executive and innovation teams through interactive talks and Boot Speak sessions (half, one and two-day)
  2. Assess the organization's rebootstrapping needs through a two-week Rebootstrap Assessment.
  3. Create, support and organize a community of internal bootstrappers
  4. Help individual bootstrappers discover their Core Energy and how to find complementary partners
  5. Teach bootstrapping principles via a customized Bootstrap Bootcamp, incorporating the founders' story.
  6. Shepherd small bootstrap teams through the Bootstrap stages - Ideation, Valley of Death, Growth
  7. Organize teams in Boot Boards by stage
  8. Deploy unique web-based tools created by members of the Bootstrap Network to support the initiative

The Rebootstrap Program is designed to be non-disruptive to an organization's day-to-day operations. The organization is akin to an aircraft carrier that has to consistently and reliably launch planes off its deck - this must continue without interruption. The Rebootstrap initiative is like a small room in the back of the ship where innovation activities can be quietly developed and nurtured.

Chief ReBootstrap Officer

We foresee the internal Bootstrap function becoming so vital to organizations that a new executive-level position emerges. When possible, the founder is involved with this function, either taking it on themselves or having the CBO report to them directly.


  • rebootstrap AT aviri DOT com or (512) 474 6155.
  • Yahoo Group