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The Bootstrap Community Meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month. Invitations go out via Facebook. Meetings start at 6:30, with a half hour of socializing, followed by an hour of content. The conversations (and beer drinking!) continue afterwards. The focus of the Bootstrap Main meeting has evolved over the years (see below), the purpose has always been to create community, share knowledge and help bootstrap entrepreneurs advance their ventures.


Bootstrap Austin 3.0 launches with our first monthly meeting on Jan 12. Monthly meetings resume in 2015!


We've stopped Monthly meetings and will be offering Bootstrap 101 in partnership with Simversity. The course is 4 weeks with 4 in-person meetings on Monday evenings. The first Bootstrap 101 kicks off on April 9.


Please note, all these dates are subject to change. You should friend Bootstrap Austin on facebook to learn about the specifics of monthly meetings.

  • Jan 10: Bootstrap Austin, ATX Entrepreneur Scene (BootstrapU: Bootstrap 101)
  • Feb 21 (moved from Feb 14th for Valentines): Join a Boot Board. Hear from existing Boot Board members about their experiences.
  • Mar 14: NO MEETING. RISE Austin is the week of March 7 -11 with bootstrappers presenting and SXSWi is March 11 - 15 with a bootstrap meetup on Mary 11 @ 5pm
  • Apr 11: #ATXentScene: Coworking, etc.
  • May 9: Demo Night!
  • Jun 13: Awaken (BootstrapU: Inner Journey)
  • Jul 11: Founding Teams (BootstrapU: you/founding team) & Happy Birthday Bootstrap! (BootstrapU: Ideation)
  • Aug 8: No Mtg
  • Sep 12: No Mtg - ATX Startup Week
  • Oct 10: TBD
  • Nov 14: (EAST) (BootstrapU: Growth)
  • Dec 12: Party @ Gingerman

Candidate Mtg Topics:

  • VOD Boot Boards Presentation (BootstrapU: VoD)
  • Boot Board Progress Presentation


In 2010 each meeting is produced by a particular Bootstrap Subgroup, usually with a related organization/community. Friend Bootstrap Austin on Facebook or follow @bootstrapaustin for meeting details.


  • Jan 12: Kick-off! Bring your desires, feedback and input to help shape your Bootstrap Community in 2009. Roundtable at 5pm.
  • Feb 9: Boot Boards Kickoff. Tony Chen: Why Start or Join a Boot Board
  • Mar 9: No Bootstrap Meeting - check out RISE & SXSW
  • Apr 13: No meeting
  • May 11: What is Bootstrap?
  • Jun 8: No Meeting
  • Jul 13: No Meeting
  • Aug 10: Lou Ellman, founder Royalty Zone
  • Sep 14: Moneet Singh and Neeraj Bansal, cofounded of a mobile payments company in Pittsburgh and sold it to MPower Labs. It's now part of their new Mango venture, which enables payments via cell phone text messaging.
  • Oct 12: Anurag Kumar
  • Nov 9: Clint Greenleaf, founder Greenleaf Publishing Group
  • Dec 14:


  • Jan 14: David Ansel, founder The Soup Peddler
  • Feb 11: Paul Carrozza, founder RunTex
  • Mar 10: SXSW special meeting downtown
  • Apr 14: Clayton Christopher, founder Sweet Leaf Tea
  • May 12: Larry Warshaw, founder Constructive Ventures
  • Jun 9: Rick Engel, founder Engel Management - Austin Java, Uncle Billy's, Little Woodrows
  • Jul 14: Bootstrap Austin 5yr Party! A pub crawl, starting at the Gingerman, where we had our first meeting.
  • Aug 11: Round table discussion
  • Sep 8: Kevin Koym How can a bootstrap entrepreneur use an Enterprise Tribe?
  • Oct 13: BootBoard Formation
  • Nov 10: Gary Hoover, Club E Launch, Long Center
  • Dec 8: Heather McKissick, Bootstrap Experience Launch

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Add these dates to your calendar and use the Evite links to keep updated on Event details





  • Jul 14, First Meeting, Gingerman Pub, actually the OLD Gingerman, now called The Ghost Room
  • Aug 11, Second Meeting @ Gingerman
  • Sep 8, Third Meeting @ Gingerman
  • October 13, Neal Kocurek - our first speaker! - founder Radian, CEO St. David's, Austin Legend.
  • Nov 10, Fifth Meeting @ Gingerman