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Bootstrap is a constantly-evolving organism. It has been co-developed by various members who have started many initiatives and taken from Ideation/VoD/Growth. Members start initiatives for various reasons including using the community to develop their products, services, capabilities and reputation.

Many initiatives never get past certain stages; others become fully-fledged aspects of the bootstrap community.

Below are a list of initiatives that are in Ideation/VoD. If you would like to restart an initiative or create a new one, email bijoy.


Leading a Subgroup

Bootstrap Council

Bootstrap Leaders and Bootstrap Commitments - negotiated services/technologies provided to the Bootstrap Community. Powered by Enterprise Teaming

myBootstrap - links to all the Bootstrap Online resources

Web Projects

Bootstrap Karma - a way for Bootstrappers to trade time with each other and with the Bootstrap Community. You must have a valid Bootstrap ID to use the BootKarma system.

Bootstrap Online - worldwide online bootstrapper community by Small World Labs

BootStorms - collaborative brainstorming for bootstrappers

Bootstrap Austin Blog

myGuides - Bootstrappers' guides in areas of their expertise. Add yours!

Boot File Share - by Boxcloud

Bootstrap Tool List

Map of the Bootstrappers

Bootstrapper List
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Bootstrap Connector and Boot Ripple

Bootstrap Branding

Bootstrap Student - for students starting bootstrap chapters

City Leader Resources


Blog Subgroup

Back Office Subgroup

Community Subgroup

Core Energy Subgroups

Growth Subgroup

Education Subgroup

Film Subgroup

Food and Beverage Subgroup

Gaming Subgroup

GenAll Subgroup

Health and Wellness Subgroup

HR Subgroup

International Subgroup

Mac Subgroup

Marketing Subgroup

Mobile Subgroup

Music Subgroup

Personal Growth Subgroup

Publishing Subgroup

Radio Subgroup

Real Estate Subgroup

Retail Subgroup

Sales and BizDev Subgroup

Software Subgroup

Speaking Subgroup

Sports Subgroup

Sustainability Subgroup

Style Subgroup

Theatre Subgroup

Travel Subgroup

Vote Subgroup

and Demo Camp

Other Initiatives

Have an idea for a new boostrap service? Send an email to newservice AT bootstrapnetwork DOT com.

Book Club

Bootstrap Blackbelt

Bootstrap Clusters

Bootstrap City Connect

Bootstrap Community Unification System

Bootstrap Corporate Connect

Bootstrap Couples

Bootstrap Disruptive

Bootstrap Endorsement

Bootstrap Enterprise 2.0

Bootstrap Enterprise Teaming

Bootstrap High School

Bootstrap Homeless

Bootstrap Mag

Bootstrap Mentor

Bootstrap Movies

Bootstrap Ambassador - connecting Bootstrap with other groups in Austin

Bootstrap Negotiation

Bootstrap Scrum

Bootstrap Second Life

Bootstrap Teens

Bootstrapper and Family

Bootstrap Conference

Ideation to VoD

City Chapters


Available files: ebooks, documents, and others


Once we get the BootKarma system up and running in 2009, attendees will be assessed 1 BK debited after the meeting. Attendees may opt to decline the BK request, and will be asked to provide a reason which is recorded in the system. Learn about the Bootstrap Karma System and the Bootstrap Community Manual#Community Roles

Anyone may attend a Bootstrap Meeting, however if you are in Ideation, please come representing yourself as a bootstrapper, NOT as a member of another organization.

  1. Navigating the Bootverse - I'm new, how do I get plugged into Bootstrap? Tips from your fellow bootstrappers

Bootstrap Community

Contributors - bootstrappers serving the community through initiatives, subgroups, etc.

Kevin's Fight Club Rules