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For bootstrappers in the Ideation stage of their bootstrap venture. The Bootstrap Map explains all the stages, including YouPlusU and Valley of Death, which precede and follow Ideation.

  • Ideation Yahoo Discussion Forum - please join to get meeting updates and connect with other Austin Ideation Bootstrappers. If you are not a fulltime bootstrapper, you must be on this yahoo group to get general bootstrap meetings and updates.




The Ideation Subgroup no longer meets separately. Like most other subgroups, we are now joining the Bootstrap Austin community in the Monthly Meeting held on the second Monday of the month. We are also hosting the February and June meetings.

In addition, the Ideation Subgroup facilitates the creation of Ideation Boot Boards. Contact servicewizard AT if you're interested.


6:30 @ TBD location, 3rd Monday of each month

Tentative Schedule:

  • January 19 - update on current member plans
  • February 16 - Nancy Schill hosts session on building the entrepreneur's network
  • March 23 - Suzy Drapkin hosts "What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?"
  • April 20 - Discussion: Applying principles of Bootstrap to your business
  • May 18 - Marketing Research with TJ Costello
  • June 15 - Michael Drapkin hosts discussion on "Think Like an Entrepreneur"
  • July 20 - "Discuss your business plan and get advice" hosted by Subbu Rama, a member of the Ideation subgroup
  • August 17 - Eliminate your barriers, hosted by a serial entrepreneur (we'll send a survey to post your biggest barriers prior to the discussion)
  • September 21 - How can we help? Discussion
  • October 26 - Bootstrap Demo Session
  • November 16 - You + You(Quest) - presented by Bijoy at Waterloo Ice House, 6:30PM, 38th and Lamar


  • Dec 15 - Gary Hoover reviews ideas


  • Feb 19 - intro meeting to kick off the year
  • March 19 - Evite - Gregg Fraley, author Jack's Notebook teaches CPS
  • Apr 16 - view and discuss the Ideation section of the Bootstrap Bootcamp
  • May 21 - play a product Ideation game and view and discuss the Ideation section of the Bootstrap Bootcamp
  • Jun 18 - Bootstrap Bootcamp Evite
  • Jul 16 - Maven, Relater, Evangelist. Evite
  • Aug 20 - Molecular Thinking demo by fellow Ideator, Edward Cruz - tool for Ideators
  • Sep 17 - hands-on discussion of individual Ideators, helping with next steps
  • Oct 15 - Physics of Business, Alex Cavalli, 6:30, Opal Divine's Downtown
  • Nov 19
  • Dec 17


  • Diane Carroll of the Maverick Group gave a talk titled "Top 5 strategies entrepreneurs can use to wrap their business around their lives" Evite
  • Personality
  • Bootstrap Bootcamp: A 1-day course preparing entrepreneurs, intrapreneuers and innovators in any field
  • Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship

Mission & Charter

Ideation Group Mission Statement

To provide Ideation bootstrappers an interactive forum with Valley of Death survivors so that they may develop awareness of an array of entrepreneurial skills and devices that allowed exciting new companies, services, and technologies to beat the odds and compete in the marketplace with a minimum of capital infusion.

Meetings themes will include (among others):

  • Salient differences and benefits of bootstrapped and venture financed companies
  • What to expect in the Valley of Death and preparing yourself to survive it
  • The Supreme importance of Faith in “yourself and your cause”
  • The use of Myers/Briggs psychological to determine whether you and your team have the psyche for the job ahead
  • Group discussions and answers to member defined problems

While meetings will occasionally include special guest speakers, the goal for the Ideation Group is to function as a support group that encourages and assists entrepreneurs in-the-making with experienced counsel and opportunities to seek out mentors from a pool of individuals who have been there and done that!

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