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Bootstrap Austin stewards the Austin Entrepreneur Scene. Check out the scene map and manual.

Everyone is welcome to friend Bootstrap Austin on facebook and follow us on twitter.

How Bootstrap Austin Works

What is Bootstrapping? - Bijoy, Bootstrap Founder describes bootstrap, the third way of entrepreneurship.

  1. Welcome to Bootstrap - history and why we exist
  2. Bootstrap Map and Bootstrap Terms - learn about the stages, actions and principles of the bootstrap journey.
  3. Monthly Meeting - the community USED TO gather on the 2nd Monday of ever month. Soon, we'll be launching BootstrapU
  4. Subgroups - where bootstrap members meet and discuss particular topics
  5. Boot Board - 6 to 8 (of the same) bootstrappers who meet once a month for 4 hours to discuss their businesses.
  6. Community Playbook - what the Bootstrap Community is all about and how you can engage with it.
  7. Contributors - the bootstrap community is led by members who help lead subgroups and create new initiatives.
  8. Labs - how bootstrap develops new initiatives for the community and beyond


Bootstrap Blog - blog for the Bootstrap community - how members can contribute

BootRap - the Bootstrap Network podcast, by Hearthis and Sound Quality

Bootstrap Bootcamp - videos explaining the stages, principles and actions of bootstrap entrepreneurship


SubGroups by Stage

You must be in a particular stage (or beyond) to join that subgroup

Ideation Subgroup

Valley of Death Subgroup

Growth Subgroup

SubGroups by Industry

NOTE: Industry subgroups are open to bootstrappers in all stages

Art Subgroup

Interactive Subgroup

SubGroups by Topic

NOTE: Topic subgroups are open to bootstrappers in all stages

B2B Subgroup

Cause Subgroup

Experience Subgroup

Inner Journey Subgroup


Bootstrap Bumper Stickers - track the progress of your journey with a bumper sticker!

Bootstrap Seal - add the bootstrap seal/logo to your website


Bootstrap Sites are hosted by Primus Networks

Technical support for the Bootstrap Wiki by Polycot Associates

Are We having an Impact Yet?

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.